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T.G. Hammond Limited started with Chum Hammond in 1956 in the coal business and construction. We slowly entered the fuel business with ‘Charlies Gas Bar’ in St. Marys. Many of our current Gas Stations joined our company through 80’s and 90’s. 


Hammond Fuels was in Aviation early on as our founder Chum was a pilot in the Air Force and kept his licence till well into his 80’s. Today Chum's sons Charlie and Rick operate the company.


In 1995 we entered the Fixed Based Operator (FBO) in Aviation business at what was then the Waterloo Regional Airport. The business under the Brand of Flite Line Services focused at the time of selling Aviation Gas and Jet Fuel to local pilots. That business has grown to the main FBO at Waterloo with 30,000 sq feet of Hangar space, a full service FBO, aircraft Maintenance and aircraft operations. 


We also at that time launched Hammond Aviation which wholesales pilot and training supplies to Airports, Flight Schools and pilots across Canada. It is now Canada’s largest and leading Canadian pilot supplier based at our of our facility at the Waterloo Airport.


In 2018 we took over as the Shell Aviation Agent at the London International Airport expanding the Flite Line Services brand to a second major airport.

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